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About Unification

Welcome to Unification!
A World of Warcraft PvE Horde Guild on Terokkar EU

Unification was a semi-casual progressive raiding guild with three 25-man raids per week, a minimum attendance requirement and a mature group of raiders. We aimed to be the most progressed guild on Terokkar while having fun and raiding end-game content.

The guild ran for two and a half years over two expansions and progressively improved all the way to the day it ended, Friday 20th April 2012. Thank you to everybody who raided and loved what we created on Terokkar and good luck in the future!

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The end of Unification, and Thank You

by Zatie, 727 days ago

After 2.5 years <Unification> has come to an end. The guild was in fact 100% healthy and functioning better than it ever has been, right up to the point where 20 raiders transferred out of Terokkar today. Unification was more successful than ever before, we had the best progress ever seen, we were ultimately the best 25man guild we had ever been. We were a group of friends that I personally had never seen before in a computer game.

The exodus was organised by a few raiders who decided they no longer wanted to raid on Terokkar and secretly gathered as many people as they could to move out. What remained was little more than 10 or 15 people and certainly not enough to continue running a 25man guild. As everybody was here to raid 25 there was no logical reason to continue running the guild.

Those who remain either plan to stop playing WoW or find a new guild on another realm and start fresh. I would like to thank everybody for these years of raiding and the progress we had. Good luck in your future travels!


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